Attorney Volunteers

WE ARE NOW AT 75 PEARL STREET, STE. 214, PORTLAND, 04101 and reach us by phone at 207-774-4518

The need in Maine for pro bono legal services is vast.  Approximately one third of all Mainers are low-income and qualify for legal services. Most people who request an attorney have a serious legal issue that affects daily life, including family relationships, health and safety concerns, and basic necessities such as food and shelter.

The VLP acts as a nexus, connecting pro bono attorneys with Maine people who would otherwise be dealing with a civil legal issue on their own. The VLP conducts an eligibility intake with every potential client and then refers them to a pro bono attorney, clinic, self-help materials or other pro bono resource.



        Malpractice Insurance: The VLP provides primary malpractice insurance for your pro bono case.
        Litigation Fund: The VLP maintains a small litigation fund to reimburse attorneys for pro bono case costs when the client is unable to pay them.
        Training: The VLP provides free CLE trainings for our clinics and court panels.
        Mentoring: The VLP will match you with an experienced attorney in a variety of legal areas to assist you with substantive legal questions or the strategic management of your case.
        Staff Support: If you are having trouble working with your client or have questions about your client's eligibility, our staff is here to help you.


If you are interested in volunteering with us or donating your time please send an email to: Thank you for your interest in joining our team.