Community & Student Volunteers

VLP relies upon the hard work and commitment of community and student volunteers year round. For over thirty years, the VLP has responded to low income Mainers providing free information and assistance as well as limited, reduced fee
and pro bono representation. You can be part of the team providing much needed services. This page outlines the various opportunities to become a key player in the delivery of legal services to those in need.


SEMESTER OR SUMMER INTERNSHIPS: Over the years many driven students have joined our project as interns in the summer, or on occasion throughout the academic year. The energy, commitment and dedication of our interns provides an essential service to the VLP. Throughout the internship period interns gain insight into the full spectrum of VLP operations.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: If you are interested in volunteering with us, or are a student interested in an internship, please send a brief email outlining your interest, availability and any questions you may have to: